The New Publishing Standard is a global publishing industry e-magazine that launched in September 2017.

“The publishing industry has been going through a revolution over the past decade, and it struggles to transform into an industry that is truly integrated with our global digital age.
It’s a change I’ve been working towards in many ways, and I feel we are still lacking an information source and a debate catalyst that understands this Publishing Renaissance. A medium that would consider publishing as it is today: worldwide, multifaceted and versatile.”

Antonio Tombolini


Editor-in-Chief Mark Williams, a “hybrid” author, publishing industry observer and British ex-pat writing from The Gambia, West Africa, adds,

“Wherever we may be, publishing does not happen in isolation, either territorially (most of the so-called Big 5 are neither American nor British owned) or in terms of content creation, supply and delivery.
The New Publishing Standard‘s agenda is to look at the publishing industry globally and holistically and to fully explore the Global New Renaissance we are all witnesses to and participants in.”

Mark Williams (Editor-in-Chief)